Family Wealth Management

We are democratizing wealth management. Find, live and tell your story.


People believe that they are independent minded and that their actions are a result of rational self-interest. In fact, beneficiaries are usually the result of events, places and experiences that create a story that family members live out. These stories are an invisible script; shaping the behaviour of family members, impacting family business and their transition and succession programs long into the future. In the absence of a coherent story, a family can quickly fall apart, board room squabbles can sap its strength and its assets can become depleted in just one generation.


We work quietly with leading families and their advisors to patiently ensure that every family member finds a place within the story and that the families human and financial assets grow in each generation and the values and mission of the founders impact successive generations in a positive way.



We provide detailed and well researched documentation that provides families with the processes and policies for durable, prosperous and multi-generational families.


Legal vehicles

We incorporate and register various legal vehicles for families and white label financial clients in all AML/OECD compliant countries.

Alternative assets

We provide access to safe, recognized alternative assets in secure jurisdictions with supportive legal and tax laws.



We are an uncommon law firm that’s passionate about families. We work with families and their Banks, Trustees and independent advisors to re-create durable, prosperous and enduring families. We provide them with the hard to get skills that families need to develop both financial and non-financial wealth. 


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Powerful Storytelling.