We’ve democratized
family wealth management

Now you don’t need millions of dollars to get the unique insights and documentation that sets the ultra-wealthy family apart.

Previously to get traditional wealth documentation services you needed a net worth in excess of $1 million. Today you can get the very same expertise at a fraction of the price. We have done this by stripping out costs associated with physical spaces and ramping up on AI and Deep learning automation.

Advanced Science

Instead of expensive buildings and boardrooms, we spend our resources on research AI and Deep learning. We are looking to bring the deepest good to the largest numbers of people. I mean wouldn’t you rather save your money for your great grandchildren than spend it on lawyers?


We take on clients with diverse levels of wealth. From ultra-wealthy families and inheritors, tech entrepreneurs struggling to attract series B funding , small families just starting out on their journey and even families in diaspora who feel overwhelmed by different and contrary cultures.

High ROI

We don’t confuse you with finance and legal speak. Rather, we show you simple and clear steps that turn your family current wealth state into a virtuous cycle of wealth that lasts for generations. We don’t set out to impress you, we help you first see and then accelerate your journey.

How we do it

We leverage the power of Deep learning, AI and document assembly to provide you with a quick, cost but extremely high-quality family wealth strategy.

Unique Family Profiles

It starts with a cutting-edge family profiling system that identifies your specific family type providing insight into core drives, asset preference, blind spots , risk and next steps.

Smart Documents

Our Intelligent document technology automatically adjusts your estate plans, family constitutions, investment policies, next gen succession and family business policies as you reach defined life phases and complexity levels. Your estate document dynamically evolves and transforms without manual intervention. You can also keep earlier versions of your document for accurate audit trails.


Your documents are saved in a military grade security vault with specific rules for their release to named beneficiaries and next generation members. No more searching for documents or applying to probate courts. Want to print? We use only archival acid free quality paper that lasts hundreds of years. You can be certain that your great grandchildren will read in the future what you have written today. Just how great is that?

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