Four services for enduring multi-generational families.


We provide detailed and well researched documentation that provides families with the processes and policies for durable, prosperous and multi-generational families

  • The Family charter (Trust)
  • Family governance document
  • Succession policies
  • Investment policy statements
  • Philanthropic document
  • Ethical Wills


Legal vehicles

We incorporate and register various legal vehicles for families and white label financial clients in all AML/OECD compliant countries.

  • Generic Trusts
  • Settlor controlled Trusts
  • Generation skipping Trusts
  • Foundations
  • Limited liability partnerships



We provide advisory services that provide insight and strategic planning for heirs and business continuity

  • Family story and Genograms reviews
  • Heir and successor development
  • Business governance
  • Family branding and multi-generational legacy


Alternative assets

We provide access to safe, recognised alternative assets in secure jurisdictions with supportive legal and tax laws

  • Gold acquisition, storage and insurance
  • Property acquisition and sale
  • Cattle and livestock
  • Private investment schemes
  • XOF Currency balancing

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