We’ve democratized
family wealth management

Now all families can create unique family and business governance documents and processes.

What makes us different

We have reduced the cost and time it takes to set up family and business governance. Now you can do three “difficult” things.

Distinguish yourself

Your family has unique strengths, values and skills. Our family estate plans recognize your family DNA and allow you innovate and express that DNA in vibrant and dynamic ways.

Create Enduring Legacy

We use expert neuro linguistic strategies to speaks to current and future beneficiaries. You can quickly create clear and powerful governance, investment and next generation planning.

Protect the future

We help you create dynamic family resilience. Our strategies and documents contain intuitive multi-phase strategies that protect and improve financial and non-financial asset classes.

How we do it

We leverage the power of AI and exponential technologies to provide you with an accurate and highly customized family wealth strategy. You deserve more than standard off the shelf legal documents.

Family DNA profiles

Our wealth DNA profiles identify family wealth attributes; providing actionable insight into motivation, asset preferences, blind spots and risks. You get estimated future trajectories and solutions for each.

Smart Documents

We use assembly technology to create estate plans, family constitutions, investment policies, next gen succession and family business policies that adjust to life and family changes at the click of a button.

High Security

Finally, your documents are saved in a military grade security vault with specific release rules for named beneficiaries and next generation members.
No uncertainties.

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